Center for Academic Writing at Komaba
List of Reservation Sites for each support
    • Komaba Writers’ Studio (KWS) 
Supports students taking ALESS/A & FLOW : Twitter
  • Japanese Language Department 
    Supports Japanese language classes (international students)
  • Advanced Foreign Language
  • Supports Advanced Foreign Language classes
  • First-Year Seminar 
    Supports First-Year Seminar classes

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Information regarding tutorials at KWS/CAWK

*Please be sure to check before reservations.
  • Tutorials offer one-on-one consultations with a graduate or undergraduate student tutor of UTokyo.
  • Both online (Zoom) and in-person services are available, but requests for in-person tutorials cannot be made in advance, due to safety measures related to COVID-19. Therefore, tutorials at the Center for Academic Writing at Komaba (CAWK) might be held online, depending on the situation.
  • You do not need to use the full 40 minutes of the session. Shorter consultations are also welcome as tutorials.
  • If you wish to participate in tutorials online, you may also use the desks, power sockets, and UTokyo Wifi at CAWK (Building 10, Room 103). *Laptop loans are temporarily suspended due to safety measures related to COVID-19.
  • CAWK (Building 10, Room 103) is open from 12:10-18:35 during the semester (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when there are no classes). Please check the reservation page above to see available slots for each service.   *Last-minute openings may become available at the Komaba Writers’ Studio (KWS) due to last-minute cancellations. Please check our reservation site or Twitter (@CAWK_UT) for last-minute availability. Please check the tabs at the top for details on various services. 
  • Please check the tabs at the top for details on various services.

Points to note regarding reservations

  • Please be sure to cancel your session immediately if you cannot make it, please cancel your reservation from the URL provided in the reservation confirmation email. To ensure that  other students can receive our support, we ask for your cooperation in avoiding no-shows or last-minute cancellations.
  • If you repeatedly fail to show up or cancel your appointment at the last minute, you may be barred from utilizing the Center’s services.
  • You will not receive reminders of your reserved session. Please be sure to note the date and time of your appointment in your smartphone or notebook and make sure that you attend your appointment at your reserved time.
  • You may only book one session at a time. Please make your next reservation after the tutorial. Multiple appointments for the same user will be deleted except for the most recent one.
  • After the reservation is completed, a reservation confirmation email will be sent to the University of Tokyo e-mail address entered at the time of reservation. Please be sure to check it.
  • If you cannot find the reservation confirmation email, please contact CAWK by e-mail (“Contact” below) or phone as soon as possible. (Contact)
  • Towards the end of the semester, there are many students who try to make reservations. Please make your appointment as soon as possible.

On the day of the tutorial

  • Please wear a non-woven mask and sanitize your hands before entering CAWK (Building 10, Room 103).
  • Please arrive at CAWK before your appointment time to confirm your name and the details of your appointment at the reception desk.
  • If you wish to participate in tutorials online, please access the Zoom URL provided in your reservation confirmation email. After waiting in the waiting room, you will be taken to the general reception (main room). After we confirm your name and reservation details, you will be taken to the breakout room to consult with a tutor.
  • Even if you have not made much progress on your assignment, please feel free to come to the tutorial. You can receive advice from your tutor at any stage of your writing.
  • Even if you are running late, the tutor is waiting to have a tutorial with you. Once you have made a reservation, please be sure to attend it, and avoid no-shows or last-minute cancellations. If possible, please contact CAWK by email (“Contact” below) or phone. (Contact)
  • If you need to cancel your reservation, please be sure to do so from the URL provided in the reservation confirmation email, even if it is after the reserved time.
  • We record the details of consultations in order to monitor usage. Please be assured that the record will not affect your grade evaluation. Also, faculty members will not check this record until the evaluation is complete.

What to Bring / Prepare for the Tutorial

  • Laptop (or tablet) – Please have your assignment file open and ready on your device, so that your session can start immediately
  • Earphones (or headphones) – There is a possibility that your tutor may join you online, even if you come to CAWK.
  • Non-woven mask -Please be sure to wear one before entering CAWK.
  • Zoom -Please check that you can login with your university Zoom account and have your zoom settings ready for screen-sharing in advance.


  • Charging cable -If you wish to charge your laptop or tablet in CAWK.
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